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The Truth About Wedges

The Truth About Wedges



One of the most common questions we get about Spine and FLO at REDO GOLF is “Should I spine my wedges as well as the rest of the set?”  The answer is a definitive YES.  Whether the shafts are steel or graphite, all of the benefits we have seen over the years on the driver, woods, hybrids, and irons has also been proven exactly the same in the wedges.  This is not a surprise as the same simple forces of physics are at play in all these clubs.  Therefore Spine/FLO has been shown to be a universal remedy for the inadequacies of what the manufacturers give us.  

That, however, is NOT the complete story where wedges are concerned… there is more reason than you might think to Spine/FLO a wedge.   Even for the most golf savvy of us there is an additional issue lurking that most people are not aware of!  It turns out that the manufacturers do not properly seat the wedge shaft all the way into the hosel of the head!  Why? We don’t know to be honest.  We have asked 4 companies with no acknowledgment from them that the issue exists.  The fact is we have seen gaps in almost ALL of them that we have re-shafted.   Some of these gaps were over ¼”!   OK, “so what?” You might ask...  Well, WHAT that means for you, the unsuspecting buyer, is that you’ve just bought a wedge (new or used) that has had all the FEEL completely REMOVED from the club before you’ve ever had a chance to use it!  The club CANNOT perform properly or feel good if it is not seated! 

The good news is that the solution is simple and has proven to be profound.  Simply by properly re-shafting the wedge you can improve it dramatically and bestow upon it all the feel and performance qualities you were expecting in the first place!  In the process the shaft would naturally be Spined and FLO’ed  so you’ve killed two birds with one stone at NO extra cost!  The result is a real SCORING WEAPON with great feel and precision in full shots, pitching and chipping!   We hope this article helps your game and please feel free to ask if you have any questions!   Stay tuned for our article on wedge grinding and its potential benefits.  Best,  REDO GOLF  

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