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Order Services to anywhere in USA
Don't live in South Florida and want our Spine & F.L.O., Custom Wedge Grind, Custom painting, or other expert services?  NOT A PROBLEM!  We will accept your clubs via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS and they will be returned to you promptly via UPS GROUND (or other available faster options)  Turnaround time is generally only 1-2 days!!!  The best part is that we make the cost lower for you to absorb the shipping cost!!   For example, normally it would cost $32.50 per club to strip the shaft bare, clean out all epoxy from head and shaft, Spine/F.L.O. and put club back together again.  For our out of state customers we lower that to only $25 per club so on a set of 8 irons you immediately save $60.00!!   That covers the shipping and mandatory insurance on your sets. 

Its Customer responsibility to insure their sets on incoming and we do it on outgoing to your specified amount. 

We will save your current grips if possible @ 2.00 per grip which save you a LOT of $$ and keeps the grips you are used to.  If you prefer new grips we can provide at cost whatever grip you desire and there is no installation charge.  Note:  WINN Brand grips cannot be saved and grips that have multiple layers of tape also are not guaranteed savable.  There are even some situations where a normal grip wont come off so we cant 100% guarantee it- we are very up front about this!  We are the BEST but even so there are grips that wont cooperate!  If at any time the grip isnt savable we notify the customer immediately and ask what their preference is.  In most cases a matching one is simply put in replacement.  

Payment must be completed before work and reciept is simply mailed back with clubs.   To place order simply go to SHOP ONLINE Tab and follow the easy checkout form!

WE ACCEPT PAYPAL!!  Credit Card Payments can also be made via phone and we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER.   We also accept Postal Money Order. 

To inquire about Out of State services simply contact us at redogolf.com
or call us at

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